Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blog Catch-Up Time!!

Finally, I'm getting caught up on the blog. I've been really behind for the past two weeks. Be sure and check out the links below to read about some of the things we've been up to so far this summer!!

Summer Fun

If you want to know what this almost 20 week pregnant momma and her fam will be doing this summer, it's a LOT of this...
...and this...
...and IF on the RARE occasion you find us at a park in this miserable 100 degree weather, you better believe some kind of water activity will be seen in the background...
...because as long as we're outside...
...we will either be swimming at our neighborhood pool or playing at the splashpark or hanging out anywhere that has COOL WATER and SHADE!! Goodness, being preggo in the summer is tough...but I wouldn't trade it for the world ;-)

Fifer's Lakehouse 2010

We always look forward to the Fifer's Summer Lakehouse Day! Our first trip to their lakehouse was when Caroline was only a few months old (this post KILLS me...Caroline is so so tiny and her little bald head makes me laugh :-) We also had a blast last year when Caroline was just one year old. So we were really looking forward to the lake this year. Unfortunately, I was HORRIBLE at taking pictures so I missed capturing a lot of the fun that was had and the sweet friends who were there.

Matt and Caroline getting on the jet ski...she did NOT want to go and was screaming & crying. Of course, when they got back, Caroline was all smiles and said she had a great time.

While Matt and Caroline were out on the jet ski, I managed to snap a picture of sweet Jack. The pic below was taken when they came back from their "wild" ride. I was so scared Caroline was going to jump off into the water...then I remembered that this was Caroline we're talking about daredevil stunts to be had!

Fun times!

Music Camp 2010

Recently, we had a fun week attending tiny tots music camp at the Heights Baptist Church. We were really looking forward to it because Caroline loved it last year. The best part was getting to enjoy the class with some of Caroline's best buddies, Parker, Asher, Lucy & Saylor
Parker, Lucy & Caroline enjoying a snack after the first day of music class
Playing with bubbles...Caroline's favorite!

Lucy and Caroline getting their special hand stamp at the end of class
The parachute!

Adorable Saylor
Lucy found two scarves!
The church brought in a petting zoo on the last day of camp. Caroline absolutely loved holding this kitten in her lap. She kept saying over and over, "Awwwww, it's soooooo cute mommy"
Feeding the goats

More bubbles

Hugs for the teacher...
...and of course, for Lucy too!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

One Fine Day

Disclaimer: we have had the craziest past couple of weeks, and I'm way behind on blogging. Stay tuned for some catch up posts, hopefully coming soon!!
Last Tuesday was an amazing day...not only did we find out we are having a healthy baby boy, but we had a blast telling Caroline and our family. After our sonogram (which was in the afternoon), I had a very short amount of time to run a couple of important errands before our family came over for dinner and the big reveal. I had fun picking out a BLUE outfit (and of course teared up when I walked into the boy section of the store...I'm such a baby :-) I also ordered a special cookie cake for our dessert.
Some of the gang (so happy my cousin, Trey, is in town this summer for an internship...he gets to join in all the festivities)
We let Caroline open up the outfit
Hard to see in the pic below but Caroline is holding a little blue and green sweater...our family was going nuts and everyone was really excited. Caroline's first response was, "can I eat some pizza now?" I don't think she quite got it. Although, a little later she said it was great she was going to have a baby brother and she could wait to have a baby sister "tomorrow" (ha!)
Now Caroline will tell you she's having a baby brother if you ask her, and she knows that means it's a little boy. We talk a LOT about all of her little friends who have baby brothers. I think this has helped the whole thing make sense to her (as much sense as it can make to a 2 year old).

My sweet mom, who is incredibly thoughtful, brought Caroline her own present to open so she wouldn't feel left out.

Two special books all about babies and being a big sister!
She loves them and insists we read the Big Sister book multiple times a day.
All in all, it was a day I'll never forget. If you had asked me what I thought we were having even just a week before our appt, I would have said I wasn't sure. For some reason, the few days before the appt, Matt and I somehow both convinced ourselves we were having a girl. So when the sonographer said "boy", we were really shocked. It's really starting to sink in now, and we're so excited to enter into the wonderful world of boys. I have a LOT of learning to do but am looking forward to the adventure...and Matt is looking forward to lots of daddy/son golf outings (among many other things he recently listed off for me :-)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We are having a...

...precious baby BOY!!!!!!
We are so so so excited and very surprised (both Matt and I were convinced it was a girl). We are mainly very thankful and relieved that our baby boy is healthy. More to come on our exciting day but for now we are beyond thrilled to announce that Caroline will have a sweet little BROTHER (still can't believe it as I type :-) Thank you, Lord, for our son's little life!!!

The BIG Day

Today is the day....this afternoon we find out if we are having a precious boy or another sweet girl!! Today is the day our little family of three is forever changed. We are so excited!! I will post after we tell our families tonight...stay tuned :-)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the BEST Daddy we know!!!
We love you so much,
Caroline & Mommy
(some random iphone pics of Caroline and Daddy having some fun recently)