Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our Intro to...

Caroline and I recently went to a Miss Pattycake concert with some friends. I didn't really know anything about Miss Pattycake but the concert was a great introduction. Caroline LOVED her (and my sweet daughter doesn't love any stranger...guess Miss Pattycake doesn't count as a stranger)
Asher knew lots of the songs and loved singing along
Caroline and Lucy, sharing a chair...Caroline had not made up her mind about Miss Pattycake yet ;-)

Alison & Parker
Lucy Lu
The star, Shannon and Lulu
Caroline couldn't WAIT to meet Miss Pattycake and give her a big ole' hug. I told Miss Pattycake that Caroline had never hugged a "character" before...Miss Pattycake should feel pretty special.
Big smiles all around:
Miss Pattycake aside: this sweet lady has teenage kids...I just wonder what they think of their mom's profession??? This thought made me laugh a little throughout the entire concert. Hey, us moms have to get our kicks somewhere right?!?

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