Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Swim Lessons

We began our summer with two weeks of swim lessons. Caroline loved her teacher, Mrs. Jordan, and enjoyed swimming with one of her best buddies, Saylor. She had no fear this year and did great!! Caroline learned a lot and can now swim without a float. She can't pick her head up to take a breath yet, but that's our goal to practice this summer. We are so proud of Caroline for being brave and trying her hardest. This has been our most successful swim season yet!

 Saylor practicing with Ms. Taylor and Caroline working with Mrs. Jordan:

 Face in the water and swimming all by herself!

 Matthew loved attending Caroline's swim lessons. He got to play with his friend, Gray (Saylor's brother), watch Caroline, and get a treat at the end. A friend, his sister, and candy...Matthew's favorite things!

 Watching Caroline VERY intently :-)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

We celebrated Memorial Day this year by participating in/attending our neighborhood's annual parade and carnival. Caroline rode her bike and Matt pulled Matthew in the was our first parade to be in as a family!

 The parade began at our elementary school and ended at a street nearby. They had lots of fun activities for the kids: a train ride, face painting, cake walk, bounce houses and more!
 Matthew and his best buddy, Brendan
 Sister smooches

 The way she poses these days ;-)
 Ridin' the train
 Snack and lunch in the Horany's front yard

 One more train ride to end our fun day!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful dad and father-in-law! Wish we could have spent this special day with both of you. We miss you and love you!
And to my sweet husband...thanks for being such a wonderful dada and daddy! Caroline and Matthew are so lucky to have you guiding them and shaping their little lives. We appreciate everything you do for us and love you so much!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Reading Together

Caroline and Matthew's new favorite thing to do together is read. Caroline reads books to Matthew, and he sits and listens. Before nap is their favorite reading time:
Caroline was going in for a kiss but Matthew was telling her to keep reading. He doesn't even want kisses to interrupt his book, ha ;-)

These last two pics were taken with my iphone so the quality is pretty bad. But I love them because they portray what our life is like around here these days. Caroline always wants to be in dress-up clothes, and Matthew always wants to be wearing his rainboots. Such funny kiddos!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

End-of-School Program

I am so behind on blogging! Our summer is off to a busy start, and I have just been horrible about getting on the computer. But I'm determined to catch up! So I might be blogging everyday for awhile :-)
Last month, Caroline had her end-of-school program. It was TOO adorable and she had so much fun "performing". All of the kids did a great job singing all of their songs and doing the hand motions. It was very fun to watch!
Caroline's precious class. I love all of these sweet kiddos!
Top from left: Emmy, Anna Grace, Will, Clara, Julianna, Lucy, & Erin
Bottom from left: Parker, Finn, Natalie, Beck, Caroline, Cecilia, Jack, & Andrew
The entire Preschool 3s group...there are two classes:
Sister friends...Caroline wants to frame this picture in her room ;-)
This face pretty much sums up how Caroline felt about her Preschool 3 year...pure happiness. She just loved it and had the best year!

Caroline's teachers, Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Taylor, were answers to our prayers and made this school year so fun for Caroline. I did a horrible job taking pictures on the last day of school but thankfully Caroline's teachers made her a special scrapbook with pictures of Caroline's exciting year, her teachers, and all of her friends. We will keep it forever! Caroline can't wait until Preschool 4 next year but until then...summertime here we come!!!!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

1st Soccer Season

April marked the end of Caroline's first soccer season! It was an interesting one to say the least. I don't think Caroline ever came in contact with the ball, except to kick it into the other team's goal a couple of times. I also don't think we ever won a game. However, the girls had fun at every game and tried their best which is what I kept telling Caroline...just have fun and do your best  (Matt might have asked her to try to score a goal :-). Overall, I'd say it was a successful first season. I'm glad Caroline's first taste of soccer was on a team with so many of her close friends!
Team Madrid a.k.a. Soccerellas
Sweet friends...many of whom will be starting Kinder with Caroline in a year. Fun!
"What goal do we kick the ball in??"
This is just so classic...Caroline spent most of her time out on the field talking and playing with her best buddy, Lucy. Silly girls! We were constantly telling them to focus on the ball not each other :-) They both won the award for "Most Fun Player" at our end-of-season soccer party because they had so much "fun" together out on the field.
Coach Casey and Coach Scott were the best! They had a tough job and were awesome with the girls. We had a fun end-of-season party at the Woodard's house, but I forgot my camera. Check out Elizabeth's post for a few pictures of the party.