Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunny Saturday

We are having the most fabulous weekend, weather-wise. I just love these Texas pre-Spring blue sky and temps in the 60s. Saturday, Matt, Caroline and I went on a walk to play at the playground near our house and have a picnic. Our neighborhood elementary school has a preschool program which means they have playground equipment appropriate for Caroline. She loves it!
All of these pics were taken with my phone so excuse the quality.
"Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!!"
Time for lunch
First time to swing on the "big girl" swings...I thought Caroline would be scared but she loved it. She just didn't want to go too high
Swingin' with daddy
Waving at the camera
"Here go, mommy"

Heading home in the wagon with her shades on and a juice box.
"Bye bye park"

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Box Painting

Sometimes it's more fun to paint on a box than on paper!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

From The Mouths Of Babes, Part 1 & First Piggies

Look who has hair long enough for her FIRST pigtails!! I love them but hate how old they make her look. I glanced at Caroline in my rearview mirror and my eyes filled with tears (I know I have issues :-) She just looks like such a big girl with her cute piggies.
As I mentioned in my last post, Caroline has been making us laugh a lot lately with all the off-the-wall things she has been saying. I don't want to forget these funny and sweet little sentences so I want to record some of them on my blog:
(While changing a dirty diaper)
Caroline: "Hello poopoo, nice to meet you"
Disclaimer: I have NEVER said this before...Caroline came up with this one herself...we had been working on telling new friends "nice to meet you"
Mommy: "Do you want to go to the park?"
Caroline: "Oh yeah baby!!"..."so awesome"
(This is her answer to pretty much any "yes" question at the moment)
Mommy: "What are you going to do at church this morning?"
Caroline: "I say hello Jesus"
(and my personal favorite :-)
Mommy: "Night-night, Caroline, love you"
Caroline: "love you so much"
I love this age and all the interaction and personality that comes along with it. It's fun to hear what is going on in Caroline's little head. She's quite the funny girl like her daddy and PopPop. I'm sure there will be many more "Mouths of Babes" posts!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Caroline's Singing

Caroline's language has really taken off over the past month. She's talking in short sentences now and saying the funniest things (that's another post). She's also singing non-stop these days. If there is a quiet moment, Caroline quickly fills the silence with a song. I caught some of her singing on video last night at dinner. Here are some of her favorites right now (Jesus Loves Me, ABCs, & Twinkle Twinkle). As you'll hear, she wants NO help from me...we obviously have some work to do on our "no thank you" manners ;-)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Celebrating Nannie

Happy 87th Birthday to my Nannie...the sweetest, most caring, most AMAZING person I know!!!
Today, my fabulous grandmother, Nannie, turned 87 years young. Last night we had a blast celebrating sweet Nannie. We told her she could pick ANY restaurant in Dallas to go to for her birthday dinner. She picked Outback...Nannie loves her some Alice Springs Chicken :-)
Caroline playing with Nannie's walker at the restaurant
After dinner, we went back to Nannie's to open presents and eat dessert. Caroline also got some more Valentine goodies from Mimi, Yaya and Nannie

Nannie gave Caroline a little something for her piggy bank :-)
Angie made Nannie some beautiful cupcakes for her birthday
The birthday girl...I might be biased, but I think Nannie is the most beautiful 87 year old!!
Make a wish!

Giving a birthday kiss...these two are crazy about each other!!
Coloring with Mimi
"I don't understand...don't ALL bows go in my hair?!?"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Keeping up with our family tradition, we had a small Valentine's Day party during lunch today.

Caroline got to eat some of her favorite red/pink foods and...
...some yummy desserts (guess who ate most of these...sigh :-)
Before lunch, it was time for some Valentine goodies. Caroline's two favorite things right now are stickers and Mickey Mouse. So that's what we went with...

...a sticker book and...

...a couple of new friends :-) She's giving them "love pats" in this pic:
Time to eat!
She was ready for a nap after lunch! Guess who got to take a nap with her?
Happy Valentine's Day, Matt & are the two loves of my life!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowy Days!!

We had a record breaking snowfall yesterday/last night! It snowed for over 24 hours straight. They reported a total of 12.5 inches at the airport. We measured 10 inches on the ground in our backyard!! It was amazing!! Here are some pics of our two fun snowy days.
The trees in our neighborhood were beautiful
The front of our's hard to see but the snow weighed down the tree branches that hang over our house. Matt spent over 3 hours on the roof today cutting them down.
Pictures of our backyard...DAY ONE
I thought yesterday was incredible. Then when we woke up this morning, this is what our backyard looked like...DAY TWO
DAY TWO: our bushes and power lines weighed down by the snow
DAY TWO: one of our patio chairs
I was like a giddy school girl when I woke up yesterday to what I thought was a ton of snow (it was nothing compared to this morning). I immediately woke Caroline up to show her the snow. She was so excited and kept pointing out the snow on everything saying, "snow on trees, snow on car, snow on steps, snow on grass"...she couldn't believe it!
I decided we needed to have snowman pancakes for breakfast. Caroline loves to help cook if it involves stirring so she helped me make the pancakes.
This is the face you'll get if you tell her to smile
I tried to decorate the snowman with whipped cream but Caroline wasn't having it. This was our final snowman pancake:
Good thing I took a "before" pic b/c it was demolished in about 2 seconds

After breakfast, we ran to Target to get some rain boots then headed to Flagpole Hill (which looked like a winter wonderland) to meet our friends, Sarah and Kingsley, for some sledding:
Sweet friends
Sarah pulling Kingsley down the hill
Caroline didn't like the sled too much...she had a hard time holding on
Building their snowman...which ended up looking like a pyramid :-) Me & my snow angel This pic totally captures Kingsley...pure joy!
Making her way up the hill in the deep snow. She did not want mommy's help! Love that flushed little cheek!
Our wooden sleds were really sticking in the snow. We met some sweet people who let us use their plastic sleds. They worked much better.

This morning, we woke up to even MORE snow. Matt's office building lost power so he had a snow day today. We spent lots of time playing outside this morning.

Caroline was knee-deep in snow. I offered to help her wade through it and she said, "No fank-oo, mommy. I do it myself." Little Miss Independent
Building a snowman

Matt, throwing a snowball at me off the roof. He had to remove all of the branches that had fallen on our roof overnight. I was so scared he was going to fall off, and I did my best to convince him to wear a helmet. I was worried about a traumatic brain injury, of course. For some reason, he wouldn't comply :-)
Matt's parents, Abby (their puppy), and my mom came over to watch Caroline play in the snow (and warm up since they lost power at their houses)
PopPop playing catch with Abby

Mimi and Yaya
I've never seen this much snow in Dallas, and I don't know if we'll ever see this much again (at least not anytime soon). What exciting, fun snowy days we've had!!