Friday, June 26, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All Kinds of Fun

Caroline has been having all kinds of fun with friends lately. The past few weeks of summer have been spent with sweet friends while playing in any kind of water (since it has been so blazin' hot here).
Some girls I used to work with (you know, in my former life as a speech pathologist) all had kiddos around the same time. So we always have fun getting together.
L to R: Saylor, Charlie, Anna, Caroline and Scarlett (Scarlett's twin brother, Jack, is behind her and got pushed aside for the picture...poor guy, he's quite outnumbered :-)
Playing "golf" with Anna
"Hellooooooo, Mommy"
Jack & Caroline
We always have a good time when our church playgroup friends come over too! Caroline is the only girl in this group, and this time, she was the one way outnumbered!!
Finn, Brady and Asher playing in the wagon
The gang, L to R: Ethan (in pool), Dax, Brady, Caroline, Finn, Hudson and Asher
We LOVE the spray park. I don't have to worry about Caroline's safety (like I do at the pool :-) but we still have lots of fun while staying cool. Caroline and Parker had a blast last week:
Caroline loves chasing after Parker
Love those faces :-)
Here's to more fun summer days spent outside in the water!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Dear Daddy,
Ever since I was born,

you have been the best Daddy a girl could ask for! Every night, after a looong day at work, you are always excited to play with me, give me my bath, read me my favorite books, say prayers, and give me my milk.

You are always so kind, gentle and patient. That's why I always light up when you come home and run to the door saying "Dada, Dada, Dada" over and over. Some of my favorite things you do with me are push me in the swing, take me swimming, and go on daddy/daughter dates to get ice cream!!

I love you so much and Mommy and I appreciate everything you do for us. You are a wonderful, husband and Daddy and you bless our lives every single day!! Happy 2nd Father's Day!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our Neck of the Woods

Guess who has moved to our neck of the woods?? (our neighborhood to be exact :-)

Grammie and Grandpa (Matt's parents)...ALL the way from Virginia. We are so excited they are here (and that we don't have to travel half a country to see them anymore)!! The movers came today and by tomorrow, Grammie and Grandpa, will be real Texans.

Grammie, watching the movers from her new front porch

A quick visit from Caroline during a fun furniture-putting-together project

Welcome to Texas, Grammie and Grandpa!! We love you so much and are thankful and glad that you're here!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Not for those with a weak stomach...

Update to post below: When I told my mom and grandmother what Caroline did and asked them what it meant, they both said "well, it just means Caroline can say the word "poo poo". So chalk this one up to addding a word to Caroline's vocabulary and not a sign that we should be tossing those diapers. Much ado about nothing. And boy, I better start researching this potty training thing seeing as I obviously know NOTHING about it :-)
If you do not want to read about a child's bodily functions, do not keep reading this post. Don't say you weren't warned :-) So I'm totally freaking out a little bit...I just went into Caroline's room to get her up from her afternoon nap. She was sitting up in her crib and as soon as she saw me, she grabbed her diaper and said "poo poo, poo poo"...and sure enough, she had a dirty diaper. We've been doing some pre-potty training awareness stuff like I tell her what it is and point it out when she goes and I sit her on the toilet before baths just to get her used to the feeling. But I've had NO intention of potty training until, what, 2 1/2-3 years?!? Isn't that when kids potty train?? I guess I need to do some research in this area but I thought I'd ask my trusty, wise, blog friends first. When do you know if your kid is ready to potty train?? And what does it mean if they can tell you when they went?? Not that I'm going to start potty training anytime soon (um, hello??, my daughter is only 14 months old) but I'd like to know more about the subject from all you smart mommies out there :-)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Music Camp

This week, we've been going to music camp every morning at a friend's church. Caroline has LOVED it. She is so into music and dancing these days so it was a fun thing to do. Today was the last day and we brought Grammie (Matt's mom) with us to show her what we've been up to this week.
Caroline's favorite part of the class was playing all of the musical instruments. She would shake them, dance and laugh. It was entertaining to say the least.
Sitting in Grammie's lap during circle time
Shake, shake, shake
They brought in a little petting zoo today. I thought Caroline would be scared of the animals but she wasn't...she was actually really interested in them and kept saying "woof". Apparently, every animal is a "woof" right now :-)
Her favorite animals were definitely the bunnies
Grammie feeding a goat

Watching a baby pig drink his milk
No toddler music class would be complete without bubbles. Caroline was in bubble heaven!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Daddy Cuddles

This is what I saw when I walked in Caroline's room the other day:
Sometimes all a little girl needs is some cuddle time with Daddy!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where in the world??

Caroline's new, funny thing is to hold her arms up to say "I don't know" whenever we ask her "where" something is. I did not teach this to her and have no idea where she learned it. It makes me laugh EVERY time. I caught it on video today and thought I'd share:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lakehouse Fun

Our wonderful friends, the Fifers, invited us out to their lakehouse again this summer. We had so much fun last year, that we knew we'd have a blast again. And fun is what we had! Caroline's favorite activity was playing in the baby pool with the "big" girls. Caroline also went on her first jet-ski ride (and who says I'm not a laid back mommy :-) Matt took her and went very slow (obviously) around the dock. She didn't love it or hate it.
Doesn't Caroline look so little out there?!?

We also took her out on a boat ride. She loved it except for the life jacket. She's not a fan of those darn live-saving jackets. Maybe it's because she can't turn her head when she's in one. We were cracking up...if we called her name, instead of being able to turn her head around to look at us, she was only able to move her eyes in our direction.
Olivia and Kingsley having fun on the boat. Both girls fell asleep on the ride. It was so nice and relaxing.
One of my favorite parts of the day was taking out the jet skiis with Matt while Caroline was napping.
This slide was way too much fun. Too bad Caroline wasn't quite old enough to enjoy it. She loved the little pool on the bottom though. Such a water baby!
Caroline's face in this pic pretty much sums up how we feel about our day at the lake! Thanks Fifers and Bowlins!!