Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend at the Lake


This weekend we went to Cedar Creek Lake with our friends, the Fifers (Christman, Sarah, Abby, and Kingsley). Christman and Sarah led a newlywed bible study group Matt and I joined shortly after we were married. We have remained good friends and love spending time with them and their girls. Anyway, Sarah's parents own a beautiful lake house....we had way too much fun!!
Uh...this does NOT look like my backyard!
Me & Kingsley (she's 2 1/2 years old...pretty cute,uh?)
Matt & Abby (she's 5 and will go to Kindergarten this year...such a big girl!)
Matt, Kingsley, me, & Abby
Cuddling with Caroline
Abby had Caroline smiling and laughing the whole time
Abby trying to warm up after a really cold jet ski ride
Okay, so I'm a little bit of a wuss when it comes to anything that goes fast (HATE roller coasters, you get the idea). So I assumed that riding the jet ski with a 2 yr. old was perfect. Well, Kingsley told me "faster!" over and over until I realized that if a 2 yr. old is telling me to go faster, something is wrong. I picked up the pace!!
Tubing with Abby...not a great idea in rough water, I thought my head was going to pop off. Of course, Abby loved it!
Matt was much more fun on the jet skiis!
Sarah and Kingsley tubing
We love the Fifers and had such a good weekend!! If we're half as good of parents as they are, we'll be good-to-go. I'm so glad they're in our lives and can share their wisdom on marriage, parenting, etc... with us in the years to come. Poor Sarah, whenever we get together, I have about 100 questions for her on the above mentioned topics. Anyway, we love you guys!!!


Haley said...

Love you guys too. Not sure about the wisdom but we love hanging with you guys!! Had so much fun and love that baby girl! !

Haley said...

Oops - that comment was from Sarah but I'm on her computer - sorry last comment from Sarah, not Haley

Laura said...

So funny...I thought that was weird that Haley said you weren't wise :-)

Travis and Andrea said...

What a doll baby! She is so cute! I love the hat pics.

The Rowe Crew said...

Ha! I totally understand the need for bows :o). Some of the first ones I got were actually bows sewn onto same colored headbands from a website called: I also have a ton of headbands and clip-on-bows from Kid To Kid. It's actually a consignment store, but all the bows/headbands are new, of course. They have a GREAT selection of headbands and bows. That's where we get all of ours now. There are several Kid To Kid locations around here so if you google it, I'm sure you could find one close. Hope this helps!

Laura said...

Thanks SO much, Jessica...I'm going to Kid to Kid :-)