Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Cason!!!

Our friend, Cason, turned the big 1 on Saturday. Cason's parents, Christina and Eric, are in our community group at church and are very good friends of ours. They threw Cason a fun party and we had a great time!!!

Ready to party
This girl LOVES her daddy...
...and mommy too!!
Look at all of those presents...Cason got lots of good stuff and many fun hats. Here's the birthday boy with his dad, Eric.
Love this fish hat
Caroline's buddies since birth, Cason and Parker. In the pic, Christina, Cason, Matt, Caroline, Laura, and Parker
Uh, I don't think this is my mom or dad (Caroline and our friend, Lauren)

I love to party!!! That is, of course, until nap time. Caroline's afternoon nap was right in the middle of Cason's party. This didn't go so well once Caroline came to this realization. She cried (hard) until we put her in her carseat. She slept there for about 1 1/2 hours and missed most of the party :-( Cason, I promise not to cry OR sleep at your next birthday party!!
The delicious cupcake cake Christina made. So cute!
I love this pic of Cason looking at the, what in the world is that?!?
Posted by PicasaHappy Birthday, Cason!!! You are such a precious, sweet boy and we love you!!! Thanks for inviting us to your fun party.


Christy said...

i am so excited to see you entered into blogging world! your little girl is precious! are you guys still in dallas? we should get together sometime with our little ones. also - did i see on your blog that stephanie z is getting married? how fun! tell everyone i said hi! i am going to add you to my blog list too!

Travis and Andrea said...

Oh my goodness...could she be any cuter??? No- she couldn't! What great pictures! It was fun to see Eric and Christina too!

Christina said...

Laura... Caroline is SO CUTE in those pictures. What were you talking about crying for most of the party? I don't remember that at all. I need to get copies of these pics to put in Cason's book -