Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Review

Here are some pics I took after church this morning:
Sitting pretty
Purse those lips, girl!
She likes to come after the camera now...makes it hard to get a pic unless...
...her feet are distracting her :-)
We had a pretty enjoyable weekend! My mom (and aunt and grandmother) came over Friday night to babysit Caroline so Matt and I could go on a date. We ate some lovely Tin Star and then went to see the movie, The Dark Knight. It was good! Thanks for babysitting, sweet fam.
Saturday, one of my best friends, Kelly and her fun boyfriend, Jarett came over to visit us all the way from Mansfield/Lewisville. We enjoyed some yummy burgers with chips and queso. Kelly made an AWESOME fruit pizza for dessert. We played Settlers of Catan and I FINALLY won!!! I now love that game :-) It was great to see Kel...she's one of my best friends from Baylor. You will hear a lot about my girlfriends from college on this blog. They are all more than friends...they're like sisters to me and, other than Matt, they know me better than anyone. Caroline is very lucky to have many "aunts" who love her so much. Speaking of all my bestest friends, one of them (Stephanie) is getting married in only three weeks and I can't WAIT!!!!! Yikes, that also reminds me that I have three weeks to lose my baby weight. Maybe if I lay off the burgers, queso, fruit pizza....hmmm, just a thought. I'll work on it, Steph :-) I digress...back to what I was saying, all in all, a very fun weekend.

Jarrett and Kelly
The most beautiful fruit pizza ever...too pretty to eat. Too bad the four of us ate the ENTIRE thing, minus one very small piece, yum!
Me and Kel (my hair is straight in case you don't recognize me :-)
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Laura said...

You look so different with straight hair. I like it, although I love your curls!

Laura said...

And by the way...Caroline, I LOVE your big church bow!