Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!
Love, Caroline

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All Better

Look who is all better!!!
Thanks to tamiflu, (or as I like to call it, the miracle drug) Caroline has been fever-free since Sunday. Yesterday (Tuesday), the doctor said she wasn't contagious anymore. So off Caroline went to Mother's Day Out today. She was SO happy to be off house arrest. I just had to take some pics of all the happiness.

Please excuse the breakfast all over Caroline's dress. Some day, I will learn to give Caroline breakfast BEFORE getting dressed. Apparently, 18 months isn't enough of a learning curve for me (sigh)

We are so glad Caroline is ALL better!! Let's hope she stays healthy through the rest of cold and flu season (ha, wishful thinking I know...a mother can dream right??)!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sick Sick Baby

We had a very sick weekend :-( Saturday, Caroline started running fever. It was low-grade until Saturday night when it shot up quickly to scary! My mom and I (Matt was out of town) took her to an after-hours clinic and Caroline tested negative for the flu. The doctor said it could have been a false negative and prescribed her tamiflu "just in case". We started the medicine yesterday after Caroline's fever shot up again to 104.4 and it started helping after only two doses. I love tamiflu :-) So far today, Caroline has had no fever. Hopefully, the worst is over. We might go in to the pediatrician today to have a flu re-test.
This is Caroline watching Dora on the couch yesterday. I figure when she's sick it's okay to throw all t.v. rules out the window!

Not even a 104 degree temp could keep that sweet smile off of Caroline's face.
These pics are so sad...after dinner, while I was cleaning up the kitchen, Caroline went to her room and got all of her "lovies" out of her crib. She brought them into the kitchen and laid down on the floor. I know she felt horrible! She laid on the floor until I was done working and told her it was time for a bath. Poor baby!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


My sweet friend, Amanda, turned 30 last Monday. Her mom and sister planned a fun surprise birthday party for her last Saturday night. It was a blast, and Amanda's reaction was priceless. She was truly surprised and burst into tears immediately when she walked in the door.
The beautiful table...LOVE the flower arrangement and cake
Amanda's mom and sister also made her a scrapbook filled with lots of letters, pictures, and memories from friends and family. Amanda couldn't read it without crying. Here she is showing the book to Kelly and Naomi.

Posing with Baylor friends: Casey, Amanda and Charlotte

Make a wish!!
Happy 30th Birthday, Amanda! You are such a wonderful friend and we had a great time celebrating with you!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend at the Arboretum

We spent a lot of time at the arboretum this weekend since we had such beautiful, Fall weather. Saturday, Matt and I took Caroline on a picnic and to see the pumpkin patch.
Yummy picnic...why does food always taste better when you eat it outside?!?
Oops, accidentally cut Matt out of the pic

I don't know why Caroline turned out so white in this pic. She couldn't decide which pumpkin she wanted to pick up.

This hay maze was a lot of fun. Caroline loved running around in it and climbing all over the hay bales. Matt tried to keep up with her while towing the wagon.

Caroline kept hiding behind this bale of hay and then would pop her head up and say "Pee Boo!" (peek-a-boo)
"Whoa, look at ALL of these pumpkins!!"

I think this pumpkin house is awesome
Bye-bye arboretum...until tomorrow
Sunday, my grandmother (Nannie), mom, Caroline and I went back to the arboretum for lunch and to show Nannie all the pretty flowers and pumkins.

Again, Caroline loved playing with all of the pumpkins and climbing on the hay.

Nannie and Caroline, looking so pretty in their red gingham (no, the outfits were not planned :-)

If you've made it to the bottom of this post, I apologize for all of the pictures. I got a little carried away :-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

1st Trip to the Fair

Caroline had her first experience at the fair this week! We went with our community group (from church) minus our friend, Lauren, who sadly got stuck at work.
I thought all of the people, noise, lights, etc...would overwhelm Caroline but I was totally wrong. I wouldn't say she was in her element or anything, but she didn't have any meltdowns and seemed to have a really fun time. She loved looking around, her eyes wide as saucers. It's so fun getting to see these experiences from her eyes. Love it!
Riding the carousel...sorry for the blurry pics but the carousel was going around at breakneck speed (seriously, I don't remember carousels going this fast back in my day!)
Parker and Parker's face...pure joy. This sweet boy loved everything about the fair!

Eating corny dogs in their strollers
Caroline loved the animals
Ewwww, this pic totally grosses me out. Don't worry, we sanitized her hands afterwards...BEFORE she got those fingers in her mouth :-)

My handsome hubby with his sweet girl
Family pic
Caroline was tall enough to ride this airplane ride by 1/2 an inch. Love that our plane was named Thunderbolt :-)
This ride went even faster than the carousel...I can't BELIEVE Caroline didn't cry. She had a vicious death grip on the plane wheel and my leg. I thought she was scared but after the ride was over, she kept asking for more.

Pic of us getting out of the plane. Parker and Laura rode behind us. We were all four going to get in one plane together, but Laura and I were afraid our plane might not take off, ha :-) We probably made the right decision!
Happy on daddy's shoulders

Can't wait to go to the fair next's a whole new world (and so much fun) going with kiddos!!