Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All Better

Look who is all better!!!
Thanks to tamiflu, (or as I like to call it, the miracle drug) Caroline has been fever-free since Sunday. Yesterday (Tuesday), the doctor said she wasn't contagious anymore. So off Caroline went to Mother's Day Out today. She was SO happy to be off house arrest. I just had to take some pics of all the happiness.

Please excuse the breakfast all over Caroline's dress. Some day, I will learn to give Caroline breakfast BEFORE getting dressed. Apparently, 18 months isn't enough of a learning curve for me (sigh)

We are so glad Caroline is ALL better!! Let's hope she stays healthy through the rest of cold and flu season (ha, wishful thinking I know...a mother can dream right??)!!

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Emily said...

Ack!!! She is so stinkin' cute! I'm glad she's feeling better, Laura.