Monday, October 12, 2009

Favorite Fall Tradition

We had wonderful, cool Fall weather yesterday! It was so nice outside, we decided to take Caroline to the pumpkin patch after church. It's definitely my favorite Fall tradition. Caroline loved it! She ran around, touching the pumpkins...I couldn't get her to sit for a picture to save my life (but that's okay :-)
"I like this one!"
The small pumpkins were Caroline's favorite because she could actually pick them up

Showing us all the "kunkins"
We have a rule...when Caroline and I are in a store, she can touch things with one finger. It saves me from having to tell her "no touch" a thousand times and it satisfies her curiosity enough without grabbing/knocking something over and breaking it. I told her it was okay to grab the pumpkins but she applied our "1 finger" rule anyway:

Running, running, and more running Her head was a little small for this but we tried anyway :-)

Some pics with mommy and daddy:

Heading home...
...this is what she did when we got home. The pumpkin patch wore her out!

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