Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's Fall Y'all

It's Fall y'all!! Here is a little bit of the fun we've been having this glorious season...
Visiting the pumpkin patch:

Having a Pajama day and eating Pink Pancakes at school while learning all about the letter "P":
(Leah, Natalie, Caroline, and Eleanor)

Sweet Sarah jumped wanted in on the pics:
Nothing better than center-time in your pajamas ;-)
Fingerpainting some pumpkins: 

Going to see the "Pinkalicious" play with Yaya:
Dressing up for our annual Halloween party at the Dallases house:
(this year Matthew is a future golfer and Caroline is a ballerina)

Posing with "Clark Kent" a.k.a. our sweet buddy, James (I love this costume, his little brother pictured below, is Superman...so cute!!)

 Chowin' down with Superman, a.k.a. Press
Love these two!!

And tomorrow is Halloween!!! Yippee!!! (I don't know who is more excited about all of the candy...me or the kids, ha)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Caroline's First Field Trip

Caroline went on her FIRST field trip today! She had been counting down the days to this fun adventure and was so excited when she woke up this morning on "field trip day" :-)
Caroline's preschool class went out to Owens Pumpkin Farm in Richardson. The kids loved it...there were so many neat things to see and do. The moms loved getting to chat with each other and take lots of pictures of the kiddos. Prepare for picture overload!
Avery, Natalie, Sarah, and Caroline

Heading into the farm:
Silly girls on the hay ride!

Some of the precious boys in Caroline's class. Aren't they cute?!? 

Fascinated by the longhorn, goats, and big ram: 

Listening to instructions about how to feed the goats: 

Caroline & Jack

Caroline & Eleanor

Caroline, Eleanor, & Leah 

Snack time: 
"Mom, take a picture of my silly face!!"

Playing "I Spy"
Natalie & Caroline 

Caroline's class with her wonderful teachers, Mrs. Bosch & Mrs. Clark

Hay fight!!!

The kids ended the field trip playing on the rest of the farm: climbing on the HUGE hay bales, playing in the maze & pumpkin patch, petting the miniature horses, and picking out individual pumpkins to take back to their classroom at school.

It was a great first field trip for Caroline and her friends. I'm so glad I got to experience it with her. I know this is only the beginning of school field trips. Bring on the fun!!!