Thursday, August 22, 2013

Red River: Extra Pics

Here are some extra pics from our Red River trip that I want to make sure get into our blog book :-)
Matthew loved playing with walking sticks!
They discovered the joys of domino trains:
Fun times at the park:
The kids played in the river a lot. Right after the picture below was taken Matthew flipped off the log, head first into the water. Fun times.
The kids loved piling up the couch cushions on the floor to make a "ship" and play Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Yo ho!!
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Red River: Part 3

Thursday was July 4th!! My bff from Baylor, Shae, was spending the 4th at her parents' cabin in Angel Fire. So she came over to Red River with her boys, Smith and Bode, to join us for some 4th of July fun. First up...the parade! Our fave!
Anxiously waiting...

I think it's starting!

The littles were so cute waving to all of the floats!

They collected more candy than they get at Halloween! They were in candy heaven :-)

We ran into our Dallas neighbors. Such a surprise and so fun!!
Avery & Caroline

We headed to the park for a picnic and some playtime after the parade. Uncle Ronnie taught Matthew learned how to throw a Frisbee. He's pretty good!!
Thursday night we drove over to Eagles Nest to watch the firework with Shae and her family. Due to the super bright flash on my camera I wasn't able to get too many pics. The kids loved the fireworks!

Friday morning, we met Shae and the boys again to go horseback riding! We took the bigs and my mom took the littles to the park. This was Smith and Caroline's first time to ride a horse. Caroline was a little fearful at first but quickly warmed up to it. I loved it! Brought back MANY memories of riding horses with my dad in Red River every summer. I loved snuggling with Caroline during the ride as we rode up the mountain through the pretty aspen groves. What a special memory!

Meanwhile, Bode and Matthew had fun at a nearby park with my mom:

Friday night, we went to our VERY favorite restaurant with my aunt and uncle. We love Sundance! It was a yummy place to end our wonderful vaycay!!
Thanks for all of the memories, Red River! We'll be back!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Red River: Part 2

We went to the Red River Fish Hatchery to feed the big fish and try to catch some small ones of our own!

We waited...
and waited...

and waited some more. Still no fish! Major bummer for the kids' first fishing excursion. Better luck next time!!

Tuesday evening, we went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. Texas Reds Steakhouse! We loved peeling the peanuts and throwing the shells on the floor:

We headed to the community house after dinner for Storytime & Smores. Matthew loved making his smore, however, Caroline ate hers separately so as not to get too messy :-)
We rode the ski lift up the mountain to hike and eat lunch. The kids were so excited to get on the ski lift:

My favorite...aspens and lots of aspen groves!

Riding down the lift:
Wednesday evening, we had dinner with Uncle Ronnie, went on a jeep ride, and played in the river/went on an adventure hike. The kids favorite thing to do on this trip was wade and throw rocks in the river. Caroline was brave and ventured out pretty far, despite how cold the water was!

A Valentine tradition: going on a jeep ride at dusk to look for wildlife. We saw geese, ducks, deer, and elk on this particular night.