Monday, October 26, 2009

Sick Sick Baby

We had a very sick weekend :-( Saturday, Caroline started running fever. It was low-grade until Saturday night when it shot up quickly to scary! My mom and I (Matt was out of town) took her to an after-hours clinic and Caroline tested negative for the flu. The doctor said it could have been a false negative and prescribed her tamiflu "just in case". We started the medicine yesterday after Caroline's fever shot up again to 104.4 and it started helping after only two doses. I love tamiflu :-) So far today, Caroline has had no fever. Hopefully, the worst is over. We might go in to the pediatrician today to have a flu re-test.
This is Caroline watching Dora on the couch yesterday. I figure when she's sick it's okay to throw all t.v. rules out the window!

Not even a 104 degree temp could keep that sweet smile off of Caroline's face.
These pics are so sad...after dinner, while I was cleaning up the kitchen, Caroline went to her room and got all of her "lovies" out of her crib. She brought them into the kitchen and laid down on the floor. I know she felt horrible! She laid on the floor until I was done working and told her it was time for a bath. Poor baby!


Travis and Andrea said...

poor baby! It's so sad why they are sick. :(

SarahFifer said...

so sad - hope she feels better soon. Sick babies are so sad :(

Shannon said...

Bless her sweet heart!! I will pray for you guys!