Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend at the Arboretum

We spent a lot of time at the arboretum this weekend since we had such beautiful, Fall weather. Saturday, Matt and I took Caroline on a picnic and to see the pumpkin patch.
Yummy picnic...why does food always taste better when you eat it outside?!?
Oops, accidentally cut Matt out of the pic

I don't know why Caroline turned out so white in this pic. She couldn't decide which pumpkin she wanted to pick up.

This hay maze was a lot of fun. Caroline loved running around in it and climbing all over the hay bales. Matt tried to keep up with her while towing the wagon.

Caroline kept hiding behind this bale of hay and then would pop her head up and say "Pee Boo!" (peek-a-boo)
"Whoa, look at ALL of these pumpkins!!"

I think this pumpkin house is awesome
Bye-bye arboretum...until tomorrow
Sunday, my grandmother (Nannie), mom, Caroline and I went back to the arboretum for lunch and to show Nannie all the pretty flowers and pumkins.

Again, Caroline loved playing with all of the pumpkins and climbing on the hay.

Nannie and Caroline, looking so pretty in their red gingham (no, the outfits were not planned :-)

If you've made it to the bottom of this post, I apologize for all of the pictures. I got a little carried away :-)


Shannon said...

SO CUTE!!! Lulu looked at all the pictures and said, "Sissy!" I think when she sees a little girl on our computer she assumes it is herself!

We can't wait to be back and play!

Christina said...

i don't remember a pumpkin house or a hay maze last year. maybe i just forgot. the pics are great. kuddos to you for being patient and uploading them all... what a task