Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Weekend Review

This post is a little late, but I wanted to post about our weekend. We had such a great time last weekend because my dad (a.k.a. Grandad to Caroline) came to visit from Colorado. Friday night we went to one of our fav restaurants, Chuy's.
Matt wanted to win Caroline a stuffed animal from this machine
He did it!
Love the way she's glaring at the toy (I don't know what animal it is :-) in this pic. It's deceiving though...she LOVED her animal that Daddy won for her!
Saturday night, we went to another fav restaurant, Fireside Pies...so yummy! By brother and Matt's parents joined us.
Getting lots of love from Uncle John and Grandad

Walking around with Pop Pop (a.k.a. Matt's dad...he wanted to be called "Grandpa" but Caroline lovingly refers to him as "Pop Pop" :-)
One of Caroline's favorite things to do these days is play with her sunglasses

Caroline also loves playing at Barnes & Noble so we took Grandad there to show him all the fun toys and books
Reading a Backyardigans book...of course!

Thanks for coming to visit, Grandad! We love you and hope to see you again very soon!


kelly said...

I'm loving the brown boots on Miss Caroline! She needs to wear them all the time :) She's such the fashionista and I LOVE it!!

the bowlin family said...

love that sweet little girl of yours. she is too cute!! glad y'all had a fun weekend with family. those are the best!

Christina said...

I hardly recognized her without a bow in her hair. he he... as laura says... they are never big enough. :)

Great pics... love the dress boot combo!!

- christina