Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Little Gym

I recently signed Caroline up for a Little Gym class. She LOVES climbing on/over anything and everything. We went to our first class last week (with our friends, Laura and Parker) and Caroline had a blast. I didn't know what to expect b/c it usually takes Caroline a little while to warm up to new experiences. But she quite literally jumped right in and had so much fun. The class is awesome...it's not just a gym class...they played instruments, sang songs/listened to music, played with bubbles and balls, and (Caroline's personal favorite) had free time in the gym to climb and explore.
Pouting like a pro...she didn't want to sit by her sign :-)
"Stop taking my picture and help me DOWN!!" Parker had fun too

I can't believe Caroline let her teacher flip her on the wedge mat. 1-2-...
...-3!!! Caroline loved flipping so much, she's been asking to do it at home. So we've been doing lots of back flips lately. Caroline will now even put her hands down on the floor in the middle of the flip. I'll try to get it on video soon...it's cute!

Playing with bubbles
We are so excited about our new gym class!!!

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the bowlin family said...

so glad she loves it!! i am not going to let jack see this post i know he would be begging me to go back!