Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Too Cute

Caroline was in the silliest mood this morning before Mother's Day Out. She was just too cute so I had to take some pics!
Deep in thought, trying to think of what to "write"
"Say Cheese"

Practicing her writing...
...and reading before school!
This is the face Caroline makes when we tell her to "smile" before a picture. She squints her eyes really hard. Funny girl!

Running through the den...pure joy! Love this little one :-)

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Missy said...


Got your comment on my blog! (cute pics of Caroline by the way!!!) you are too funny! I have not had my baby just yet! Even though people are fearful i might go into labor at any moment when i walk into stores or restaurants. That's fun. I will have it on Oct. 9th--unless earlier! at medical city. If you are there that weekend, you should totally come by! :) you are too sweet!