Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Meet the Teacher

Caroline's first day of Mother's Day Out is tomorrow. Today was "Meet the Teacher" day. Caroline had fun meeting her new teachers and exploring the room and all the toys. We also got to see/meet some friends who will be in Caroline's class.
Caroline had fun sitting in all the little chairs and asked for a "kak" (snack) at the table...she knows what those tables are for :-)
Caroline and her teachers, Ms. Tammy on the left and Ms. Melissa on the right. It's such a small world...Ms. Tammy painted Caroline's helmet last year so we already know her. We've heard wonderful things about Ms. Melissa from friends who had her as a teacher in previous years. We feel fortunate and blessed that Caroline has such great teachers for her first year of MDO. Brings me peace of mind!
Climbing on a stair mat
Caroline's buddy, Jack, who is in her class this year. He's so cute and I just love hanging out with his mom, Stephanie! She's so much fun and we're excited our kiddos will become best buddies this year (we hope :-)
My sweet friend, Sarah (who just so happens to be afore mentioned, Steph's, sis-in-law), stopped by our room. Here is her daughter...adorable Kingsley. She is in an older preschool class at the same school. She had Ms. Melissa as a teacher her first year of MDO (I think it was her first year). Anyway, she LOVES Ms. Melissa so I'm sure Caroline will too.
Stay tuned for a post about Caroline's first day. I'm excited for Caroline. I know she'll have so much fun if today was any evidence of how tomorrow will go. But I'm nervous too...I hope she eats/naps well and doesn't have separation anxiety too badly. Saying prayers tonight for my little girl to have a great first day.


the bowlin family said...

See you in the morning!! Just tell Caroline that Jack will be a "shoulder to cry on" if she needs one.

Katie said...

Laura, so good to hear from you. Wow, what a small world.

I love what you said about a garden living and thriving. What a beautiful picture of Reese to me.