Monday, September 15, 2008

Painted Helmet and Playgroup Pics

This week, we had playgroup at my house. Somehow, we fit 10 moms and 10 babies into our family room. Obviously, this playgroup is more for the moms than the babies at this point, but we look forward to when the kiddos will start interacting with each other. Caroline had fun seeing all her friends, and I had fun having some much needed adult conversation during the day :-) We also had Caroline's helmet painted over the weekend. We love how it turned out...the background is pale pink and there is a vine of flowers going around it. There are also little butterflies on it and a big ribbon/bow in the back. Here are some pics.

The Square One babies clockwise (minus Asher and Finn who had already left for afternoon naps): Caroline, Parker, Ava, Hudson, Brady, Stone, Lucy and Sloan

More pics of the front of the helmet

The other side and part of the back (with sweet Lucy)

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Emily said...

It turned out adorable!!!! She looks so cute!

Travis and Andrea said...

Oh, I love it!!! It came out perfect!

John and Shannon said...

Lucy is so jealous! You can tell by the look on her face!

Reagan & Katie said...

Love the helmet decoration!!! She has such a beautiful smile!

Elizabeth said...

such a cute helmet! We miss you at SmallTALK, but so glad that you can be at home with precious Caroline!