Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding

Sorry for the delay in posting. We've been out-of-town for a week. We took Caroline on her first beach vacation with Matt's parents!!! We had a wonderful trip and I have a lot to blog about. But first I wanted to post about my best friend's wedding!!
Two weeks ago, my friend Stephanie married a terrific guy (Danny) in Kansas City. My mom kept Caroline for the weekend which was so wonderful. I would have loved for all my friends to see Caroline again but it was great to devote all my time to Steph, sans baby. The wedding was absolutely beautiful!! Stephanie worked so hard on every last detail and it paid off. Despite some bad weather, the wedding weekend was just perfect. See details below:
Steph and Danny at the rehearsal...such a cute couple!!
Charlie (my friend, Shae's, husband), Matt, and Jarrett (Kelly's boyfriend). They coincidentally happened to dress exactly alike for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. We made fun of them a lot. This night, they were nicknamed the Blue Crew.
Shae, Kelly and me. This picture was taken in a really cool tunnel in the pub where we had the rehearsal dinner.

Kelly, the BEAUTIFUL bride Stephanie, me and Shae having our pictures taken before the wedding.

The bridesmaids and the bride! Kelly, me, Niki (Steph's sis), Steph, Shae, Jennifer (Danny's sis) and Bree (Steph's cousin)
The ceremony!! Stephanie and Danny had their wedding and reception in a big, picturesque, red barn. The wedding was originally going to be outside but rain moved it indoors. That's okay though because it turned out great. The barn was decorated in tons of Christmas was really pretty and reminded me of something out of a movie.

First dance...awwwww

Stephanie's sweet Uncle Tim from California with all the "Baylor Babes". Tim refers to any girl who went to Baylor as a "Baylor Babe". Tim, his wife Kim, and daughter Melissa have been hosts to us a couple of times when we went on trips to Cali and we all love them! In the pic L to R, Shae, Tim, Kelly, me, Amanda, Casey, Steph, Cori, and Niki. I must take a minute and talk about these Baylor Babes. Other than Niki, Steph's sis, who is older than us, I spent almost 4 fun, memory-filled years with the girls in this picture and the one below. I'm blessed by their friendships more than they'll ever know!! I'm so glad to have known them for almost 10 years now. They will forever be some of my closest friends!!! These are the girls who made my college years the best EVER and I love them all!!!

Wrapping up the night...we danced for hours. What a fun wedding!!! L to R: Jarrett, Kelly, Matt, me, Shae, Charlie, Stephanie, Danny, Mike and Emily


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Christy said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE the pictures from the wedding! Please tell Stephanie congratulations - you all looked beautiful and I am sure that you had a wonderful time. Hope all is well!