Sunday, September 20, 2009

Here We Go, Cowboys, Here We Go!!

We are so excited for the Cowboys/Giants game tonight! Caroline is cheering on her Cowboys in her cute cheerleading outfit my wonderful friend, Kelly, gave her last year. It fits perfectly and Caroline loves being a cheerleader. She has been shouting "GO" all night :-) I tried to get her to hold her pom poms but she wanted to hold her baby and a nail file instead.

As explained in this post , anytime the Cowboys play the Giants, there is a BIG rivalry going on in our house. Matt is actually at the new Cowboys stadium for the FIRST game ever played there as I type...I'm SO jealous. He got a couple of tickets through work and his boss wanted the extra one. I'm still pouting that I didn't get to go. The real travesty of it all is that Matt is a GIANTS fan...he SO doesn't deserve to be at the first Cowboys game in their new stadium. I hope he doesn't get hurt by some fans while he's cheering on the G-men (really, there is no sarcasm there...I really hope he doesn't get injured :-)

Anyway, Caroline and I are here cheering on our Boys, along with my mom, brother, aunt and Nannie. We're hoping for a win!!

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Jaime said...

I love her curls and her uniform...I didn't love the outcome of that game. I guess your man did, though!'s okay, my hubby is a HUGE NY JEts fan...and he's from Austin?!