Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Sweetest Words & More

We are getting so excited for Fall and cannot wait for more cooler days, pumpkins, yummy soups, playing in the leaves, cute Fall toddler clothes ;-), the holidays just around the corner, and on and on the list goes. This time of year is so fabulous!! Caroline loves playing in our front yard and on our front porch. I snapped some pictures while she was out playing the other day.
She recently learned how to walk up and down our steep hill out front without falling. She walks up and down over and over. It never gets old. Who needs toys when you've got a hill?!?
Please don't ask me why she's kissing this pumpkin. I guess she thought it needed some love.

I saved the best for last!! Just recently, Caroline has started saying "wuv oo" back to us when we tell her "I love you". They are the sweetest words I've heard as a mommy so far. I tell her I love her hundreds of times a day just to hear her say it back :-) Here it is on video:


Christina said...

Such a cute video. Cason loved watching "more dorline". We watched it 3 times.

Very cute... miss you guys


The Smiths said...

oh my goodness that is soooooooooooo sweet Laura!

SarahFifer said...

PRECIOUS! Those are the best words!!

Shannon said...

What a sweet baby girl! Lucy has just started saying lots of words and today's new one was "Peeees" (please). I can't wait to hear "wuv you"!