Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All Kinds of Fun

Caroline has been having all kinds of fun with friends lately. The past few weeks of summer have been spent with sweet friends while playing in any kind of water (since it has been so blazin' hot here).
Some girls I used to work with (you know, in my former life as a speech pathologist) all had kiddos around the same time. So we always have fun getting together.
L to R: Saylor, Charlie, Anna, Caroline and Scarlett (Scarlett's twin brother, Jack, is behind her and got pushed aside for the picture...poor guy, he's quite outnumbered :-)
Playing "golf" with Anna
"Hellooooooo, Mommy"
Jack & Caroline
We always have a good time when our church playgroup friends come over too! Caroline is the only girl in this group, and this time, she was the one way outnumbered!!
Finn, Brady and Asher playing in the wagon
The gang, L to R: Ethan (in pool), Dax, Brady, Caroline, Finn, Hudson and Asher
We LOVE the spray park. I don't have to worry about Caroline's safety (like I do at the pool :-) but we still have lots of fun while staying cool. Caroline and Parker had a blast last week:
Caroline loves chasing after Parker
Love those faces :-)
Here's to more fun summer days spent outside in the water!!!

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