Thursday, June 18, 2009

Music Camp

This week, we've been going to music camp every morning at a friend's church. Caroline has LOVED it. She is so into music and dancing these days so it was a fun thing to do. Today was the last day and we brought Grammie (Matt's mom) with us to show her what we've been up to this week.
Caroline's favorite part of the class was playing all of the musical instruments. She would shake them, dance and laugh. It was entertaining to say the least.
Sitting in Grammie's lap during circle time
Shake, shake, shake
They brought in a little petting zoo today. I thought Caroline would be scared of the animals but she wasn't...she was actually really interested in them and kept saying "woof". Apparently, every animal is a "woof" right now :-)
Her favorite animals were definitely the bunnies
Grammie feeding a goat

Watching a baby pig drink his milk
No toddler music class would be complete without bubbles. Caroline was in bubble heaven!


Travis and Andrea said...

Super fun! She is getting so big.

Shannon said...

She is so precious! I LOVE those curls!! :)