Monday, February 15, 2010

Celebrating Nannie

Happy 87th Birthday to my Nannie...the sweetest, most caring, most AMAZING person I know!!!
Today, my fabulous grandmother, Nannie, turned 87 years young. Last night we had a blast celebrating sweet Nannie. We told her she could pick ANY restaurant in Dallas to go to for her birthday dinner. She picked Outback...Nannie loves her some Alice Springs Chicken :-)
Caroline playing with Nannie's walker at the restaurant
After dinner, we went back to Nannie's to open presents and eat dessert. Caroline also got some more Valentine goodies from Mimi, Yaya and Nannie

Nannie gave Caroline a little something for her piggy bank :-)
Angie made Nannie some beautiful cupcakes for her birthday
The birthday girl...I might be biased, but I think Nannie is the most beautiful 87 year old!!
Make a wish!

Giving a birthday kiss...these two are crazy about each other!!
Coloring with Mimi
"I don't understand...don't ALL bows go in my hair?!?"

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