Sunday, June 3, 2012

1st Soccer Season

April marked the end of Caroline's first soccer season! It was an interesting one to say the least. I don't think Caroline ever came in contact with the ball, except to kick it into the other team's goal a couple of times. I also don't think we ever won a game. However, the girls had fun at every game and tried their best which is what I kept telling Caroline...just have fun and do your best  (Matt might have asked her to try to score a goal :-). Overall, I'd say it was a successful first season. I'm glad Caroline's first taste of soccer was on a team with so many of her close friends!
Team Madrid a.k.a. Soccerellas
Sweet friends...many of whom will be starting Kinder with Caroline in a year. Fun!
"What goal do we kick the ball in??"
This is just so classic...Caroline spent most of her time out on the field talking and playing with her best buddy, Lucy. Silly girls! We were constantly telling them to focus on the ball not each other :-) They both won the award for "Most Fun Player" at our end-of-season soccer party because they had so much "fun" together out on the field.
Coach Casey and Coach Scott were the best! They had a tough job and were awesome with the girls. We had a fun end-of-season party at the Woodard's house, but I forgot my camera. Check out Elizabeth's post for a few pictures of the party.

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