Friday, June 1, 2012

Some Bloggy Love for Matthew

I have been posting a lot about Caroline lately with her recent birthday, rodeo day, and dance recital. And there's more to come with her end-of-year soccer/school posts and her 4 year old post. I didn't want sweet Bubs to be neglected on the blog so here is a post just for Matthew. Notice two themes in these pictures...he usually has a ball in his hand and almost every pic is blurry because he will not sit still for a picture or look at the camera...EVER. When he sees me pull out the camera he usually looks away and/or runs in the other direction :-) Not a fan of posing at the moment. Nevertheless, here is some bloggy love for Matthew:
 All I have to say about the picture below is...when did my sweet boy get so big?!? I still think of him as my baby but then I see a picture like this and realize he is definitely not a baby anymore. Oh how I love him so!!!!!

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