Monday, May 28, 2012

Ms. Peacock's Garden Party

Caroline participated in her 2nd ballet recital this month! Very exciting! The theme was "Ms. Peacock's Garden Party", and Caroline was a "Carnation". She loved the girly costume, especially because it was pink and purple.
Sweet ballet friends:

 The recital was held at the Majestic downtown which is such a beautiful venue. My grandmother, Nannie, said she used to come to the Majestic when she was 10 (she's almost 90 now!) to watch movies. Doesn't that sound so lovely?!? It's neat to think about Nannie watching a fancy movie in that beautiful theater as a young girl. Speaking of Nannie, is she not the most beautiful??

 Some more of Caroline's fan club: Aunt Jean, her Uncle John and Yaya (they are all going to kill me for posting this picture :-) Not pictured but Mimi and Matt were there too. We missed PopPop who was in Charleston!

 My precious ballerina up on the big stage. She did great and loved being up there! I was so proud watching her (I almost didn't make it because I had strep throat, but I went anyway...just couldn't stand to miss it!)

 We had to wait until intermission to see Caroline which was so hard. We were all dying to give her a big hug. And Matt was so excited to give her flowers. She remembered the flowers from her recital last year and specifically requested at least 10 red roses from daddy, little stinker. Matt came through :-)

 A rare photo with mommy:

 We headed to Chuy's after dinner, Caroline's choice! Mimi gave Caroline a couple of gifts for doing such a good job at her recital: a notepad (she's obsessed with writing notes right now!) and her first Barbie:

 Posing with daddy...his face in this pic made us laugh. It's like he's contemplating life or something, ha
Jean, Mimi, John
 Nannie & Yaya

Working hard on her "notes"

We have loved taking ballet at the Janie Christy School of Dance. It has been wonderful and the highlight of Caroline's week all year. She would go everyday if she could! Ms. Janie semi-retired and closed her studio this year after 19 years of teaching. However, we're following her to another ballet studio and looking forward to more fun with Ms. Janie next year!! I love what dance means to my little girl and how happy it makes her. I am thankful we found an activity she loves so much. Until next (school) year...

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