Friday, May 25, 2012

Rodeo Day

Recently,Caroline had a fun Rodeo Day at preschool. She had been looking forward to this day and was so excited it was finally here! Her teachers broke the kids into small groups to go around together and participate in each station. Caroline's group:
Lucy, Caroline, Micah and Jack

 There was one station that Caroline did NOT like...the spitting contest! She informed me..."Mommy, girls don't spit. That's so gross!!!" I mean, just look at the sass, people:
 Lucy didn't get the memo about girls not spitting, and she did awesome!
 This little pony moved and talked...the kids thought it was so funny
 They loved brushing and feeding the horse

 Horseshoe toss

 The kids made these fun horses in class that week then got to ride them in a very thrilling barrel race:

 Making the Texas flag:

 Pinning the badge on the Deputy:

 Cotton ball races:

Rodeo Day lived up to all the hype! What a fun adventure to have at school this year...we will always remember Rodeo Day!!

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the bowlin family said...

i love your pics. so glad you were there to capture them since i could not be there. love that jack and caroline were together. i'm going to steal them for my blog. heehee!! :)