Monday, May 14, 2012

A Ballerina Birthday Party

Caroline wanted a ballet birthday party this year!! I was happy to oblige...1) because I've always thought it would be fun to have a girly ballerina party for my little girl and 2) because this was going to be our FIRST "destination" party where someone else did most of the work ;-) Matt and I definitely got to enjoy the party more this way. Here some pics from the fun par-tay!!
The snack "table"

 Decorations and dress-up clothes:

 Ms. Gina was the teacher for the party and did a great job! We had the party at the studio where Caroline has taken ballet this year. She loves Ms. Gina! The first thing the girls got to do when they arrived was have their make-up done. This was a huge treat for Caroline who only gets to put on "pretend" make-up at home.
 First dress-up outfit!
 Caroline invited all of her besties plus the sweet girls from her preschool class. She loved having all of her favorite people in one place!
 Leah & Avery
 Natalie, Emmy, & Anna Grace
 Clara, Caroline, & Lainey
 Clara, Caroline, Lainey, Eleanor, Avery, & Leah
 Let the dancing begin!

 My big 4 year old
 galloping, galloping, galloping

 Outfit change #1 and the beanbag balance game:
 Outfit change #2
 I loved watching the girls skip in their dresses with their hands on their was adorable!
 Holding hands with sweet

 Outfit change #3 and dancing with props!

 Outfit change #4 and a big hug from one of her bffs, Saylor
 Practicing backbends...
 ...and arabesques:
 Time to sing and make a wish and eat cupcakes!
 Guests included: (clockwise, starting from Caroline) Erin, Mae, Avery, Leah, Anna Grace, Saylor, Emmy, Cecilia, Eleanor, Clara, Lainey, Natalie, & Julianna
 The proud parents goofing around
 Time for the butterfy song...getting in their cocoons...
 ...then becoming beautiful butterflies.
 Fly butterflies!
 Caroline loved handing out party favors and balloons. She thanked every friend for coming to her party.
 My mom and aunt were a big help at the party.
 We came home and opened presents. Caroline got some very thoughtful and fun gifts from her friends.
To sum it up in Caroline's words..."this was the best party EVER" :-) Thanks to all of Caroline's sweet friends for helping to make her party so special!!