Sunday, May 6, 2012

Her Golden Birthday

This year, Caroline got to celebrate her GOLDEN birthday. She turned 4 on 4/4. I LOVE golden birthdays! If you know me well, you know I'm a little obsessed with them. A little aside, I was born on 8/8, Matt on 1/23, Caroline on 4/4 and Matthew on 11/11. But I digress. Caroline's birthday fell on a Wednesday this year. The day was hers and she got to do a lot of her favorite things! She woke up to lots of balloons in her room (I forgot to take a picture) then picked blueberry muffins (her fav!) for breakfast:

 Blowing out her first set of birthday candles:
 We got ready to go and headed to BSF. Matt met us for lunch after bible study. Caroline picked her favorite restaurant...the Purple Cow. Nothing beats purple ice cream with sprinkles on your birthday!

 We headed home for naps after lunch. I decorated the house while Caroline was asleep. When she woke up it was almost time for her family birthday party. Let the fun begin!!
 Caroline picked out EVERYTHING for her family party. She wanted party hats, pink plates, pink napkins, pink roses on the table, pizza for dinner, and a Cinderella cake. So that's what she got!

 Bubs loves pizza and cake!
 Present time!

 Giving sweet Nannie thank-you hugs and kisses. Nannie and Aunt Jean gave her Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty dolls with matching princess dresses. Goodness, you've never seen a four year old so excited!
 The most beautiful dollhouse from Mimi and PopPop:
 Yaya gave Caroline a Cafe Playhouse to play "order" in, Uncle John gave her a special doll that has hair Caroline can style, and Mommy, Daddy and Matthew gave Caroline her first "big girl" bike:

 Caroline was excited about the bike at first but was really scared once she started riding it and going "fast". We're still trying to overcome the fear of the big girl bike. Can you imagine what it will be like when it's time to take away training wheels?!? ;-)
 Playing dress up in her Sleeping Beauty princess dress. She loved matching her doll!

It was a very special 4th birthday for a VERY special little girl! I loved that she had an opinion about everything this year and got to pick just what she wanted. Matt and I kept talking about the day, four years ago, when we got to meet our precious daughter for the first time. Caroline's birth day was one of the best days of our lives.
Caroline, we can't believe you are FOUR!! We love you more than words can say and are very proud of you. God made you so wonderfully, and you are incredibly special. We feel blessed and fortunate to be your parents!!
Coming up next...a ballerina birthday party!!!

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