Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Swim Lessons

We began our summer with two weeks of swim lessons. Caroline loved her teacher, Mrs. Jordan, and enjoyed swimming with one of her best buddies, Saylor. She had no fear this year and did great!! Caroline learned a lot and can now swim without a float. She can't pick her head up to take a breath yet, but that's our goal to practice this summer. We are so proud of Caroline for being brave and trying her hardest. This has been our most successful swim season yet!

 Saylor practicing with Ms. Taylor and Caroline working with Mrs. Jordan:

 Face in the water and swimming all by herself!

 Matthew loved attending Caroline's swim lessons. He got to play with his friend, Gray (Saylor's brother), watch Caroline, and get a treat at the end. A friend, his sister, and candy...Matthew's favorite things!

 Watching Caroline VERY intently :-)

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