Friday, July 6, 2012

Beach Trip Part 1

We recently returned from a fun trip to the beach with my mom. We spent some time with my aunt/uncle/cousins in Mobile then drove to Pensacola. It was a long car trip but the kids did great. It helped that an adult (my mom most of the time :-) was sitting in the back with them. They enjoyed watching lots of movies, reading books, playing with finger puppets and eating lots of treat/snacks along the way.
A lot of time was spent eating/playing out on the balcony of our condo:
Modeling Yaya's beach hat:

Skipping to the beach. My little beach bum could live on the beach. She loves it as much as her mom and dad!
Sweet Bubs on the other hand....he liked it okay as long as the wind wasn't blowing and he didn't have to get near the ocean.
Still her favorite game...putting her chair by the water and letting the waves "get" her feet
Matthew spent lots of time filling up his cup with sand then pouring it out
We ate at a new restaurant this year...Cobalt! It's our new fav!
The view out the window from our table:
Caroline takes a pad of paper and a pen with her everywhere. This comes in handy at restaurants:

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