Saturday, July 14, 2012


Summertime! No set schedule, lots of time at the pool, lazy mornings, snow cones...I just love it! Our summer is flying by. I can't believe it's the middle of July already. We have not experienced too many lazy days of summer yet as our June was super busy. But we're starting to get into our lazy-groove this month. Here is what we have been up to this summer so far:
Theater Camp, VBS, crossing many things off our Summer Fun List, lots of time at the splash park and pool, fun playdates with friends, seeing Madagascar 3 at the Studio Movie Grill, starting some daily chores with Caroline, lots of indoor arts & crafts/playdoh-time for indoor activities (it's HOT!), enjoying snow cones/popsicles, time in the backyard playing with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and the kiddie pool/sprinklers, Mimi & Yaya Summer Fun Days, and more!

We still have a lot more snow cones to eat, swimming to do, and summer fun list activities to complete. Summer please don't end too soon. We're lovin' ya!!

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