Friday, July 6, 2012

Beach Trip Part 4

Last batch of pics!
Caroline spent a lot of time in the pool. Her swimming really improved! She even learned how to come up and take a breath while swimming back and forth from me/Matt/Yaya to the steps.
This was as close as Matthew got to the water. He had a scary experience at the beginning of the summer in a baby pool and has been deathly afraid of any big pool ever since. I hope he isn't scarred for life :-(
Heading home...a certain someone was WORN out. He slept like this most of the ride home. Such a guy, haha

To say taking a trip with a 4 year old and (especially) an 18 month old is stressful/challenging/tiring is an understatement. However, the memories we made and the fun we had in the midst of all the chaos were so worth it! So thankful for our beach trip 2012.

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