Monday, July 30, 2012

Fun at the Children's Museum

Recently, we joined the Smiths at the children's museum at Fair Park. It was Caroline's first time to go this summer and Matthew's first time to enjoy all the cool things the museum has to offer.
Matthew is a little obsessed with balloons so he loved this "science experiment" that blew out hot air to send balloons to the ceiling. He was really upset he couldn't have one though!
Gray and Matthew driving the fire truck. Gray is being awesome and throwing up a "sic 'em"
 (sorry, Erica :-)
Saylor and Caroline driving the truck. I snapped the pic before Saylor was looking. I'm a horrible photographer!
The water room is always a big hit!
Sweet buddies petting the goat. I'm pretty sure they both thought the farm animals were real. It's hard to see in this pic, but Matthew has the biggest grin on his face:
Harvesting the food:
REALLY cute pic of Gray:

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