Sunday, August 5, 2012

Character Camp 2012

Last week, Caroline participated in her first CHARACTER CAMP! My friend, Elizabeth, had this great idea to get our girls together, along with some friends, and have Character Camp for a week. Each day, the group of girls went to a different house and had 2 hours of fun. We did crafts, activites, playtime and lunch. Everything revolved around our theme for the week...the FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT. The girls had a great time, and I pray that God will use all they learned to help them produce real fruit in their little hearts!
DAY 1: Love & Joy
The girls went to Mrs. Elizabeth's house the first day to learn all about love and joy.
Making their craft:

Precious group of girls:
Lainey, Blair, Eleanor, Riley, and Caroline (all a little obsessed with dressing up :-)
DAY 2: Mrs. Alycia's house to learn about Peace, Patience, and Kindness
DAY 3: Mrs. Caroline's house to learn about Goodness and Faithfulness
DAY 4: Our house to learn about Gentleness & Self-Control
We started off our day by watching a Character Builder's movie on Gentleness & Self- Control. The girls piled onto the couch, along with Matthew who wants to be just like big sister and all her friends! 

Working on our "gentle sheep" activity and talking about Philllipians 4:5 "Let your gentleness be evident to all people!" 

Then we headed outside for an egg walk. Better be gentle so you don't drop the egg!! 

It was time to learn all about self-control after the egg walk. The girls colored a picture for this Fruit of the Spirit. We then listened to a really fun & fast Fruit of the Spirit song and made candy bracelets with each piece of candy signifying a particular "Fruit" the girls had learned about during the week.  

We ended our day with lunch and playtime.
 Everyone (moms & daughters) agreed we must make Character Camp a summer tradition!! Here are some of Caroline's activites from the week...we'll definitely be hanging onto these and talking about the "Fruits of the Spirit" throughout the year:

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The Q. Family said...

That is incredible!! Great job Mamas!! Looks like the girls had a blast!