Friday, August 24, 2012


We met some buddies at Jumpstreet this morning to play. It's a new place that is filled with trampolines, a bounce house, little rides, and a ball pit. Caroline loved it and had a great time jumping with her friends. Matthew liked climbing all the stairs :-)
The kids were moving so fast that I gave up trying to get any clear action shots!
Caroline jumping towards Lucy:
Reese, Lainey, Riley, Eleanor, and Blair
Sweet, little Amelia :-)
Lucy, Riley, and Caroline
Fun times!
My precious, SUPER cautious second-born was SO scared of the trampolines. He very hesitantly stood on one for about a minute before he decided to just watch from the side. How in the world did I get TWO unbelievably cautious kiddos?!? Hopefully, that will end up being a good thing when they're teenagers, ha!

Hopefully, we'll get to go back to Jumpstreet soon. It's fun to have somewhere close-by to go play when the weather is too hot/cold to play outside!

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