Friday, August 31, 2012

1st Day of Ballet/Tap!

Today was Caroline's first day of her ballet/tap combo class for the 2012-2013 school year!! She was so so SO excited because she has been wanting to take tap for over a year. And the day was finally here! She woke up this morning shouting "yay,yay,yay, I get to tap dance today!!" :-)
My anxious to leave for class:
 She has to wear her hair in a bun this year just like a real ballerina. I love it!!
 A quick pose with bubba (who was not happy about the picture :-)
 We switched studios this year and, luckily, lots of Caroline sweet friends switched too and are in her same class again. We live in a HUGE city but our neighborhood really feels like a small town within this big city. All of these girls are either in Caroline's class at preschool, on her soccer team, in her class at church, and/or will be starting Kinder with her next year. And they are all so sweet and have such wonderful families. I love our community!!!
(L to R): Caroline, Lucy, Leah, Avery, Natalie, and Emory
 Caroline still has the same great teacher she had last year...Mrs. Janie...even though we're at a new studio. Here are the girls sitting with their "ballerina backs" i.e. good posture
 Talking to Lucy during class...she is SO my daughter ;-)

 The MOST exciting part of class for Caroline today...TAP TIME

 Little siblings watching through the glass: Matthew, Gabe, and Millie
Caroline missed dance so much this year and is glad it has started back up. We're looking forward to another fun year of dance!

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JJC said...

i LOVE this! alllll of our friends are boys :( i'm so glad to see that caroline has been blessed with so many wonderful girlfriends!