Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2012 Mommy/Daughter Back-to-School Date

In keeping with last year's tradition, Caroline and I went on our back-to-school date this week. She picked out exactly what we were going to do. First, she wanted to get her nails painted at a "real beauty shop" then she wanted to go to lunch/get ice cream at the American Girl store. So after Caroline put on her favorite dress (she wears it all the time) that's exactly what we did!
Sweet siblings...they love to hold hands in the car. Look at Matthew's pout! He does NOT like to be anywhere without his sissy, and he knew we were dropping him off at Shannon's house solo (I'm in big trouble next year when Caroline is in school all day, everyday!):

Looking through all the sparkly colors:
Found it!
Doesn't get more girly than pink sparkles. I wasn't surprised at all!
This was Caroline's first time to ever have her nails done. She was so excited! 


So pretty! 

I think she could get used to this ;-) 

Once our nails were all dry we were off to the American Girl store. Caroline was beyond excited to see that their new doll is named Caroline and has blonde, curly hair just like her. I quickly told her she is going to have to wait a bit. Caroline is still too young for an American Girl doll. But it sure is fun to look around and plan for the future:
Eating with Bitty Baby, Kelly: 

Ordering for herself and Kelly:
They had these fun conversation starters on the table. We had a blast reading each other the questions, and I loved hearing Caroline's funny answers.
Here are a few of Caroline's questions and answers:
Would you rather go to the beach or the mountains on vacation? The beach because skiing is scary.
Who's the smartest person you know? Matthew, because he is just my precious boy. (melt)
What is the best way to spend a rainy, Saturday morning? Jumping in puddles and eating popsicles
What is your best birthday memory? My ballet party when all my friends dressed up in tutus.Kelly sure was thirsty and loved her tea! 
Time for chocolate ice cream with sprinkles. My sweet girl was kind enough to share her dessert with me.
It was wonderful to spend one-on-one time with my favorite little girl. I loved being able to tell her all the things about her that make me so proud to be her mommy. We also talked a lot about Preschool 4 and what a fabulous year it's going to be. It was a fun date that I'll never forget!!!

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