Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Colorado 2010- Part Two

Day 3
My dad, Caroline and I woke up and went to breakfast at the Chautaugua Inn. It was really yummy! I read Caroline what was on the kid's menu and of course she picked a Mickey Mouse pancake...I had no idea it would be so big (she was only able to eat about 1/4 of it):
We decided to work off our breakfast with a hike up Chautaugua to the base of the Flat Irons. I had the easy part since my dad carried Caroline.
We thought Caroline would hate sitting in the backpack, and I honestly didn't think she would do it. Surprisingly, she ended up loving it. I think she liked feeling so tall. My dad was a rock star for carrying her...I know she was heavy!
Wish we could do this everyday!
After our hike, a nap for Caroline, and an early dinner, Caroline and I left Boulder and headed to Denver to pick up Matt from the airport. My brother stayed in Boulder to visit my dad while our little fam headed to Breckinridge for the second part of our trip. I was so happy Matt was joining us (he had to work the first part of our trip) and Caroline was too. She said "I missed you" to Matt when he got in our car...sweet girl! We got to Breckinridge pretty late that night.
Our good friends, Cary, Cori, Grace (and baby Sam) invited us to stay with them at Cori's parent's house. We were really excited and knew Grace (she just turned 3) and Caroline would have a great time together. Caroline looks up to "Big Girl Gracie" (that's what she calls her) a lot.
First half of Day 4
Grace helped me wake Caroline up and Caroline was pumped to see Gracie standing beside her pack n play first thing that morning.
The girls, "playing" Old Maid
This picture pretty much sums up how the girls were the whole trip. They couldn't get enough of each other (except sometimes Caroline didn't want Grace to give her anymore hugs or hold her hand...Grace is super sweet :-) Caroline woke up each morning and from every nap asking, "where is my Gracie?"
Cary had to work in Denver on this day so Matt and Caroline went on a long hike together. I know Caroline looks like a Sherpa but it was REALLY cold on this morning.

I got some good playtime with Grace while Matt and Caroline hiked and Cori took a shower.
Posing on the deck
Showing me how she can ride her scooter
Pretty views from the house

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