Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fifer's Lakehouse 2010

We always look forward to the Fifer's Summer Lakehouse Day! Our first trip to their lakehouse was when Caroline was only a few months old (this post KILLS me...Caroline is so so tiny and her little bald head makes me laugh :-) We also had a blast last year when Caroline was just one year old. So we were really looking forward to the lake this year. Unfortunately, I was HORRIBLE at taking pictures so I missed capturing a lot of the fun that was had and the sweet friends who were there.

Matt and Caroline getting on the jet ski...she did NOT want to go and was screaming & crying. Of course, when they got back, Caroline was all smiles and said she had a great time.

While Matt and Caroline were out on the jet ski, I managed to snap a picture of sweet Jack. The pic below was taken when they came back from their "wild" ride. I was so scared Caroline was going to jump off into the water...then I remembered that this was Caroline we're talking about daredevil stunts to be had!

Fun times!

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