Monday, June 7, 2010

Colorado 2010- Part One

We just returned from a fun-filled trip to Colorado. I took WAY too many pictures so I'm breaking our trip into a few parts. Here is part 1:
Day One
Caroline and I spent the first part of the trip in Boulder visiting my dad and his side of the family (they all live there). The first day we were there, my cousin's daughter, Emma (who is only one day younger than Caroline), came over to play.
Caroline, me & sweet Emma
The girls, playing in the cube Emma's facial expression
Caroline LOVED these stacking blocks my dad's wife, Cindy, brought home from work (she's a pediatric occupational therapist and brought Caroline all kinds of fun toys to play with from her office)
The girls picked some pretty flowers out of my dad and Cindy's flower garden
Such a typical "Caroline" face ;-)
We walked to a park next to my dad's house to let the girls play

My dad helping Caroline climb up the rainbow...she did this over and over again
After naptime on day one, my dad, Cindy, my brother, Caroline and I headed down to the Creek Festival in downtown Boulder. It was basically a fair set up for the Memorial Day weekend.
This crazy balloon lady made Caroline a purple puppy balloon
She loved it!

We went to the pavillion and listened to the band, "Chasing the Dream"
Caroline liked dancing to the music
When she got tired of dancing, she chilled out in the stroller

After the Creek Fest, we headed to Pearl Street for dinner and some yummy gelato
Cindy, dad, bro and Caroline
Day Two: Memorial Day
Day two began with watching my dad and Cindy run in the Memorial Day race, the Bolder Boulder. It was fun to sit in the stands of the CU stadium and watch the runners finish (finish line below)

Waving her flag...I didn't have any red, white and blue for Caroline to wear...oops! At least she had a flag.
After the Bolder Boulder and naps, we went to my aunt Shirley and uncle Bubba's house for dinner. My 3 cousins (Amanda, Justin & Katie) are all close to me in age. We had kids around the same time. Here are all of the 2nd cousins:
(L to R) Emma, age 2 (Katie's daughter), Gus & Lily, ages 4 and 1 1/2 (Justin's kiddos), Caroline, age 2 & Eloise, age 2 (Amanda's daughter)
Playing with Eloise
Lily, Eloise & Caroline
I'm sad I didn't get pics of the rest of my family and more of the kiddos playing together. We don't get to see this side of my family as much as I'd like since we live so far away from each other. It was wonderful spending time with my sweet cousins who I love so much! And it was neat to see Caroline playing with all of her 2nd cousins who are so close in age to her since she doesn't have any 1st cousins (yet :-)

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