Sunday, June 13, 2010


We got to celebrate Mimi and PopPop (Matt's parents) before we left for Colorado. Both of their birthdays are in May in addition to their wedding anniversary and Mother's Day. Matt and I wanted to do something special for them this year to celebrate all of those occasions. We decided to take them out for a nice, long, "adults only" dinner...just the four of us.

Matt and I snuck in our favorite birthday cake from Casa Linda Bakery and the waiter brought it out as a surprise at the end of our meal.

It was so nice to have good talks without any interruptions from a certain sweet 2 year old I know. I have the best in-laws and appreciate them so much! Matt and I love how going out to dinner with them feels like hanging out with good friends...we always laugh a lot and enjoy spending time with them. We're so glad they live in Dallas now! We love you, Mimi and PopPop!!

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