Thursday, June 10, 2010

Colorado 2010- Part Three

Second half of Day 4
Cori and I decided to take the girls (and Sam) on a nature walk. So we found some paper bags and drew pictures of different things for the girls to find on our walk to put in their bags. If you want a good laugh, look at my drawings of the pinecone and pine needles on the bag below, ha...I am the world's worst artist ;-)

My favorite pic!
Posing on the bear Caroline's turn
Pic on the fireplace after our walk Day 5
We went into Breckinridge so Matt and Cary could take the girls to a park and Cori and I could shop.

The girls with their matching braids
Cori and Sam (almost 4 months) at lunch
Cary, Cori, Grace and Sam...beautiful family!!
Our family pic...excuse the random guy in the background
Matching sweatshirts
Downtown Breck right next to the park
After we got home from town, we put the kiddos down for a nap and took turns riding 4 wheelers. It was a blast! I think my OB would not have liked the fact that I was driving one of these bad boys but I went VERY slow. I couldn't resist the fun. All of my pics of the 4 wheeling are on my iphone, and I forgot to download them before I did this post.
Day 6
Since some of the activities in Breck (the gondola and big slide) hadn't opened for the summer yet, we drove to Vail to play at a park there, ride the gondola, and have lunch.
This was the neatest park...the only way in was to go down a giant slide. Once you got in, there were all kinds of rope bridges, slides and swings to play on. Caroline was scared of some of the bigger slides but enjoyed playing on the smaller equipment. Gracie loved all of it!

Our parks in Dallas don't have this backdrop :-)
After some good playtime, we headed to the gondola to ride up the mountain. The girls really loved this...Caroline kept saying "this is so much fun" the whole way up.
It was windy at the top!

They had some fun kiddie activities set up at the top of the mountain...the girls liked playing in this sandbox and "digging" for dinosaur bones:
After a yummy lunch in Vail, we headed back to the house so the kids could nap. Cary and Matt went to play golf while I packed us up to come home. We left and made the looong drive back to Dallas the next day (16 hours in the car...I know, we're crazy...but Caroline did great and never even cried until we were about 20 minutes away from home).
So long beautiful Colorado...thanks for all of the fun memories.

Gummelt family, thanks so much for inviting us to your parents' gorgeous home. We couldn't have had more fun with you guys. Caroline is STILL having some Gracie withdrawal :-) Love you guys!!

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