Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! We started the morning off eating our traditional coffee cake (thanks to my mom!) and watching the Macy's Day Parade. Caroline was really into the parade this year which was fun. She kept saying "wow, that's so cool" when the big floats would come by. She also thought the Rockettes a.k.a. "pretty ballerinas" were really neat.
The morning wouldn't have been complete without some playtime on the floor with Matthew:
Then we all got ready to go over to Matt's parents house to eat our big Thanksgiving meal and spend the rest of the day with our families (BTW, it is no small feat getting a newborn and toddler ready and out the door in addition to getting myself showered and ready...if it wasn't for Matt, we wouldn't have made it...let's hope I adjust soon or I'm never going to make it anywhere with both kiddos :-) Caroline wanted to make the same turkey craft as last year to give to everyone. So the day before, we made some fun turkey handprints.
Showing off one of her masterpieces (Caroline picked all of the turkey's colors):
Playing music on Pandora for Matthew while we watched some football/were waiting to eat:

Giving Nannie her picture:
The whole gang: my Nannie & Aunt Jean, Mimi & PopPop (Matt's parents), Yaya & Uncle John (my mom and brother), me, Matt and Caroline...Matthew was sound asleep in another roomMy plate (this was about half of the food...I had to have another plate for the other half :-)
Caroline, tickling Jean's face
Matthew's Thanksgiving Feast (ha ;-)
Our family of four...thankful doesn't even come close to describing how I feel looking at these pictures:

Daddy & his kids
Matthew was showered with kisses for most of Thanksgiving Day
Big Sis & Little Bro (thanks for the tie onesie, Shae!!)

So happy together!!!
We watched the Cowboys game (another tradition), ate some more yummo food for dinner, then headed home. Once we got home, we had a Family Movie Night. We watched "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving", put our two little turkeys to bed, then crashed ourselves. It was truly a fantastic Thanksgiving 2010!!

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