Saturday, November 6, 2010

2 1/2 Years Old

Caroline is 2 1/2 years old!! I don't want to forget anything about this age (okay, maybe the tantrums, whining and sassiness :-) but other than that, I want to remember exactly how Caroline is at the sweet age of 2 1/2 years. She's such a little person with big opinions. The things that come out of her mouth surprise me daily and, most of the time, make us just laugh and laugh. I got this idea from my friend, Katie's, blog. Here is a little "interview" I had with Caroline the other day. I plan on doing this every now and then so I can make sure and have a record of Caroline's "favorite things" at different ages.
Favorite color: pink (anyone surprised? :-)
Favorite song: "Here I Am" (it's a song/rap she and Matt made up together and they sing it constantly)
Favorite t.v. show: Little Einsteins and Little Bear
Favorite movie: Letter Factory
Favorite animal: cow
Favorite letter: H
Favorite number: 1
Favorite game: Super Why (on my iphone)
Favorite food: broccoli (then she laughed and said, "that's so silly, it's not broccoli, it's really grapes" :-)
Favorite drink: milk
If she could go on a trip anywhere: Colorado
Favorite thing to play with mommy: matching games
Favorite thing to play with daddy: read a book
Favorite book: my Little Einsteins books
Favorite thing about being 2 1/2: going swimming (which I thought was a funny answer because we haven't taken her swimming since the summer)
Here are some other funny/cute Caroline quotes:
-tells everyone "I'm gonna be a big sister"
-asks me about my activities "how was bible study mommy?"
-"God made me sooooooo special"
- "Where you been doing" for what you've been doing
-"Will you help me dress my baby brother?" um...yes!
-"Are the 2 doctors going to cut out my baby brother with scissors and then you will have a big booboo?"
-"No, Yaya is too heavy" when I told Caroline we were going to pick up Yaya to go shopping
-"Daddy, will you take me on a daddy/daughter date?"
-"Oh no! We didn't have cuddles this morning, we have to cuddle right NOW!"
-She calls Sleeping Beauty on her pull ups, "Sleeping Booty" :-)
-"Tell me the story when you and daddy wear the white dress" & "Tell me when I was born and I was a baby" (she loves to hear about our wedding day and her birth day/baby stories)
-"How was your day, mommy? Tell me about it" when I picked her up from school
-"I want the polka dot pizza" a.k.a. pepperoni pizza

Other favorite things:
-LOVES taking her baby on walks outside
-Obsessed with (in no particular order) chapstick, water bottles, drinking from a "real" cup, my iphone, and dum dum lollipops
-Likes to play pretend with her baby dolls (feeding, baths, rocking, etc...) and pretend to "go to work" like daddy (I have to "act" this out with her almost every day :-)
-Loves a "Caroline sandwich" (Matt and I hug her from the front and back)
-Gets so excited anytime we go to the park and/or play with friends
-Has really started to enjoy interacting with friends more
-Loves books and would read all day with me if she could
-Really enjoys going to church and school
Other 2 1/2 year old tidbits:
-Caroline is 36 inches tall and weighs 29 1/2 pounds
-still a great sleeper...takes a 2-3 hour nap most days and sleeps 10-12 hours at night
-She's not a big eater but her favorite foods are chicken, turkey deli meat, cheese, pizza, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, any type of fruit/sweets/crackers
-Food dislikes: pretty much any and all vegetables, meat other than chicken and turkey, casseroles, some pastas
-We've had to step up the discipline lately :-(
-Can tell you her birthday is April 4th
-Can count to 20 without any help (and up to 30 with a little help)
-Has recently memorized her first bible verse (Genesis 1:1...a simple version)
-Caroline's personality: more outgoing/talkative...she literally talks non-stop (which wears her daddy out :-), funny, silly, opinionated, stubborn, loves routine, independent, gentle, shy/timid with new people/situations, smart, playful, determined and tender-hearted
-Has to have her lovie blanket to sleep and likes to spread out her lovie on our shoulders and cuddle with us (esp. before/after nap and at night)
When Caroline was born, I couldn't have dreamed how precious she would be at 2 1/2 years old. We love her very much and are so thankful God gave her to us. It is a privilege to watch her grow into the little girl He created her to be!!


Christina said...

Love LOVE LOVE this post. Made me get all teary and miss that sweet girl and of course you guys too.

Great idea about the interview... I'm gonna try it with Cason.

Miss you... praying for you tomorrow!!
- Christina

Katie - a Blessed Mommy! said...

So cute! Sleeping Booty made me laugh! :)
can't wait to meet Matthew tomorrow!!!!! Congrats!

WoodardFamily said...

I love this! Just discovered your blog! Ours is