Thursday, November 18, 2010

Big Sis Moments

Well, it has been a BIG week for my sweet girl...Caroline is now officially a BIG sister!!
This pic was taken on her way out the door to meet Matthew for the first time:
If I had to use one word to sum up how Caroline feels about her baby brother, it would probably be...indifferent :-) This has gotten a little better each day, but it is definitely taking Caroline a little while to warm up to Matthew (she is MUCH more interested in all of the attention she is getting from the grandparents).
Caroline shows more and more interest in Matthew everyday and now always wants to know where he is when she wakes up or gets home from somewhere. She also loves patting him, giving him kisses and loves to spread out Matthew's blanket on the floor and "cuddle" with him.
Patting Matthew in the hospital:
Pretending to be mommy in the hospital (this is just what I looked like the first day :-)
Matthew's gift for Caroline in the hospital (coloring/sticker books, crayons, candy, a threading puzzle, Little Einsteins game and a couple of new books):
Opening her present with Daddy:

When we brought Matthew home from the hospital, "he" also had a gift waiting for Caroline in her room. She has been wanting one of these cars forever so we thought now was a good time to get her one. She still can't believe "Matthew" gave her such a great toy ;-)
She has literally spent hours driving this around our house so it's been a great thing to keep her busy while we're busy taking care of Matthew.
Unfortunately, Caroline was really sick the week before Matthew was born and still had a horrible cough when we were in the hospital. So we didn't let Caroline hold him until recently.
First time holding Matthew:

Cuddling on the floor together:
Caroline wanted to participate in tummy time...this pic cracks me how she is holding her head just like Matthew:

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