Monday, November 29, 2010

2 Weeks Old

Matthew had his two week check-up last Friday. He is growing like a weed and has gained a pound since he was born and grown an entire inch (in only 2 weeks!) This explains his voracious appetite...he is eating anywhere from 2.5-4 ounces/feeding every 2-3 hours during the day and every 3-4 hours at night. Matthew is still a pretty tiny guy though. Here are his current stats:
Weight: 7 pounds, 12 ounces (25%)
Height: 20 inches (25%)
Head circumference: 14 1/4 inches (25%)
We have been learning so many things about our newest addition these past two weeks.
Here are some of Matthew's MOST favorite things at the moment:
*being held and cuddled
*the bouncy seat
*being swaddled up nice and tight
*his carseat
*being sung to...his current fave "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"
*his pacifier
* tummy time (shocker!)
*and of course, "playing" with his big sister
Here are some of Matthew's LEAST favorite things:
*diaper changes
*bright lights
*going back to sleep after waketime
*getting dressed
*having to wait to eat while I make a bottle
*the swing (this is SO different from his sister)
Matt and I have been learning a lot too:
*Matthew has the most adorable dimples on each side of his cheeks and we love seeing them when he smiles in his sleep...can't wait for those first "real" smiles!
*He loves to eat with his hands up on his face
*There is a very specific way to diaper a boy that we had no idea about and had tons of leaks until some sweet FB friends clued me in on the trick
*Matthew has the sweetest personality and is only really fussy when it's time to eat or he's being changed/given a bath...this is a big change for us since Caroline, bless her heart, was the fussiest baby because of colic/reflux. She cried all of the time so we have really enjoyed our content baby boy. I do realize this could change any day though ;-)
*Matthew gets terrible gas (such a boy, right?) and Mylicon has become our best friend
*We just LOVE having a little boy. I had friends with little boys tell me how wonderful it is, and I totally see what they were talking about now. There is just something so sweet about's hard to put into words
*We forgot how BRUTAL the sleep deprivation is, especially with a toddler
*It's really really hard to get out the door with two kiddos. I hope I get better at it soon!
*Matthew has the most wonderful big sister. Caroline has warmed up to him in a big way and constantly wants to be holding, patting, feeding, and "playing" with him. She is always saying "I love baby Matthew so much"...melts this momma's heart.
Caroline is never far away from baby brother
(I'm trying not to be sad that she looks like a teenager in this picture...she was not posed BTW)

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Kelly said...

He is adorable!!! I am so happy for your family:)